EBRD Digital Award goes to Ukraine in 2024

20 May 2024

During the EBRD’s 2024 Annual Meeting and Business Forum, the Ukrainian Geological Survey and the Geoinform of Ukraine were awarded with a Digital Award – Ukraine’s Critical Raw Materials Market Development.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ukrainian Geological Survey and the EBRD was signed in November, 2022. That collaboration should felicitate the development of the National Geological Web-Portal in Ukaine, building of IT infrastructure, and digitalization of legacy geological reports to simplify access to public data and speed up a decision-making process for investors.

In accordance with the half-year agreement between the EBRD and Geoinform of Ukraine, in 2023 the respective technical equipment and software were purchased, 6000 books of geological reports were digitized and made available via online English menu interactive map, representing 125 critical raw minerals deposits. Those materials will be a part of the “data room” and can be used by investors for analysis to further nominate such deposits for open international tenders and auctions.

Overview interactive map: https://youtu.be/hoqVMN9lRPE

The results of the pilot phase of the project were highly evaluated by our European colleagues, who have expressed interest in continuing cooperation. We are hopeful to conclude the next agreement for the start of the implementation phase of the project. The purpose of this phase is to continue the work on digitisation and online placement of materials regarding mineral deposits and occurrences, which are considered strategic and critical for both Ukraine and the EU.

We are grateful to our partners at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Commission for providing us with the opportunity to undertake and implement this crucial task for the industry during such a challenging time for our country.

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