Outcomes of 2020: large greenfield projects, modern regulation, and digital solutions

11 January 2021

In 2020 Ukrainian Geological Survey kept following three key principls:
▫️ Restoring Trust and Confidence;
▫️ Improving Efficiency of Mineral Resources Use;
▫️ Attracting Investment to Explore Ukrainian Mineral Resources.

In 2020 we managed to:
▪️ Run One stop shop to provide consultations and set up one center for purchase of geodata and license cost calculation.
▪️ Bring 1 billion UAH in the National budget, sold E&P licences through e-auctions;
▪️ Sign seven PSAs for $350 million and unlock Yuzivska PSA to explore total acreage of over 14.000 sq km;
▪️ Update the legislation to make it more transparent, modern and attractive.

We keep moving forward in 2021 with big plans and brave ideas.

More details: Ukrainian Geological Survey: Modern Upstream Regulation (Annual report 2020)

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