Partnership development with BRGM

29 September 2023

Director General of Ukrainian Geological Survey Roman Opimakh had a meeting with Deputy Director General and Scientific Director of BRGM Christophe Poinsot. Parties discussed critical raw materials, harmonization of legislation and partnership.

Ukraine and France have long-standing and productive relations in the field of geology. Currently, the geological services of both countries are cooperating on the project of critical minerals. The result will be the publication of the English-language book «Strategic minerals of Ukraine and their investment attractiveness» co-authored by representatives of the scientific community of Ukraine and Europe. The publication will contain cartographic materials, description of the legislation of the European Union and Ukraine, positive international examples of the implementation of mining projects, etc. The book is being prepared with the support of the Association of European Geological Surveys (EuroGeoSurveys).

Another successful project can be «Horizon – sustainable processing and refining of battery grade graphite (batteries partnership) », where SRDE «Geoinform of Ukraine» is a subcontractor in part of the technical description of the Zavallia graphite deposit. The company assists the French Geological Survey in preparing data on existing wells and minerals within its boundaries for 3D modelling.

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