The Director General of UGS met with representatives of AmCham Ukraine

22 February 2022

During the meeting Roman Opimakh delivered a presentation covering the activities of his institution in important for business areas.

In the focus of the meeting:

  • services provided by Derzhgeonadra (State Geological Portal, electronic auctions, E-Cabinet of subsoil user);
  • statistics of attracting new investments in Ukrainian subsoil usage by issuing the new special permits for subsoil usage;
  • improving the effectiveness of subsoil usage by the measures of state control and curbing illegal extraction;
  • clarifications on the recent draft regulatory documents prepared by Derzhgeonadra concerning changing Procedure of special permits on subsoil usage issuance and changing Procedure for the research and industrial development of the deposits of minerals of national importance;
  • questions related to the preparation of new Subsoil Code, production-sharing agreements, “sleeping licenses” issue.
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