The Director General of Ukrainian Geological Survey met with representatives of French and American business

15 September 2021

The parties discussed opportunities for cooperation with 45-8 ENERGY and Beam, in particular investments opportunities in development of hydrocarbons and extraction of helium and related components.

During the meeting, the guests informed that they were considering investing in the development of oil and gas facilities in Ukraine by participating in e-auctions. They plan to extract helium from natural gas and study the potential of natural hydrogen for their further use in electrical engineering, medicine, etc.

Roman Opimakh presented the Investment Atlas, which contains vacant subsoil blocks for purchase at auctions. These are licenses with hydrocarbon deposits, as well as critical raw materials.

Roman Opimakh informed that as of 2021, 134 deposits of Helium Gas Reserve were included in the State Balance. However, the practice of helium extraction from natural gas in Ukraine has not yet existed.

Foreign partners, in their turn, shared their experience in implementing international projects in France, the United States, Brazil, Morocco, Romania and Australia.

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