The Government has adopted a solid decision to attract bigger investment in the mining industry of Ukraine

17 February 2023

The list of minerals of strategic importance for the sustainable development of the national economy and defense will make available the new areas for lisencing through tenders for production sharing agreements.

Ukraine needs investments more than ever to restore and further develop its economy. Transparent and clear terms of cooperation under PSA terms will stimulate investment in the exploration, production and refinery of critical minerals for the country.

The List of 26 critical raw materials blocks includes minerals, such as lithium, hard rock titanium deposits, uranium ores and potassium salt.

These minerals are included in the lists of critical materials for the EU, the US, and the Great Britain. The List is not exhaustive: the decision provides for its annual updating.

The investment opportunities in a mining sector of Ukraine were presented also by the Governement and business sociaty in Brussels last November during the Raw Materials Week

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