Ukrainian Geological Survey puts data online

28 September 2021

Information about all licenses has been made public on the National Geological Data Portal. The data is available for downloading in the .xlsx format.

The register contains comprehensive information about the licenses, inter alia, type of mineral, registration number, name of the company, date of issue, the validity of the license, the company’s state number, etc.

“The disclosure of data happens within the framework of the «open door policy», proclaimed by the Government. The goal is to provide the public with access to comprehensive and up-to-date information, – commented the Director General of the UGS. – From now on, everyone will be able to use the information for comprehensive analysis, copying, or printing the data, because information about licenses is compiled in one file and presented in .xlsx format. The data will be updated on weekly basis.

This is the first step in opening the data. A comprehensive report will be published soon, which will include information on taxes paid, beneficiaries, etc.

The interactive map contains a layer of contours of the licenses. It also includes statistics on the trend of issuing licenses by year, the ratio of the number of licenses for different types of minerals, information on obtaining a permit, i.e. without or via an auction.

The resource is available at the link:

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